7 Tips How to Make Your Hair Longer

Make Your Hair Grow Longer

If you have been struggling with your short and hard hair, then we will provide you with the tips on how to make your hair grow longer. Black hair, unlike other types, does not grow long fast.  It takes longer. There is no miracle as to making your hair grow more inches longer. To have long natural hair is the pride of any woman, even men like women with long and well-kept beautiful hair. You need to commit yourself on the different ways of making sure that your hair grows longer every month. Hair grows at least half inch longer every month.

However, many causes prevent your hair from growing longer. Avoid stress because it slows the growth of your hair. To make your hair grow longer, there are medical and natural methods you can use. Having a long hair is a style that many women like. Surely, you have asked yourself the question of how to make your hair grow at least an inch longer. You do not have to struggle any more. Here, we will provide you with all the possible answers to your question. Take enough rest, relax and treat your hair often. If you find your hair is not responding to any method you take, you can let it stay natural.

Trim your hair

Trim your hair

This is how to make your hair grow longer through trimming. Visit your hair stylist more often to trim your hair. Healthy hair is associated with a healthy body. Trim your hair at least after six weeks. You do not want to have that shaggy look, trim the split ends and remove the dead cuticles in your head. Trimming your hair makes it thicker. Nevertheless, do not let your stylist cut a lot of hair, we recommend just ½ inch for every appointment. Take good care of your hair just as if you would take care of your baby. Go to the salon more often to get your hair washed and treated. You can also treat your hair at home if your budget is low. Treating your hair at least once, a week adds more vitamins to your hair making it stronger and maintains its shiny natural look.

You hair portrays what you eat

If you observe your diet, you are in the right track of how to make your hair grow longer. In order for you to portray healthy hair, you need to start by observing what you take to feed your body. The food you eat shows how well or bad you treat your body. Take many fresh fruits, hygienically tested water free of germs, take vegetables and exercise every day. Hair grows directly from your body, so whatever you take will have a positive or negative effect on your body. Other than taking proper diet making your hair grow longer, it also helps in making your nails grow longer. If you do not take food rich in vitamins, you will get dry and unhealthy hair. Take little or less sugar and oil but maximize on proteins. Do not take cigarettes and alcohol.

Proteins are very important for healthy hair because your hair is made of proteins. If you take food low in proteins, you will experience hair retardation. On the other hand, if you take more proteins your hair will grow longer. Use fish, beans and eggs as a source of proteins. Minerals and vitamins rich food improve your hair growth. Just like what you would experience when you do not take all the groups on nutrients, the same happens to your body. Keep your body healthy and you will get healthy hair too.

Never brush your hair when it is wet

brush your hair

However you wonder how to make your hair grow longer, you must know how to brush your hair right. Do not brush your hair while combing especially after washing it because it will break. Instead of brushing your hair, you can use a wider comb. When blow drying your hair, use a product that can protect your hair from too much heat. Naturally, if you have black hair it will dry up faster and more often. Therefore, you can use manufactured products for moisturizing your hair. Moisturizers will replace lost moisture and they are of many varieties depending on your type of hair. Avoid cheap conditioners. Instead, buy products of high quality that will make your hair grow very long as you desire. Remember cheap is very expensive. Get those hair growth conditioners rich in vitamins and oils. Just as a plant needs vitamins and other minerals to grow, your hair also requires vitamins and other nutrients to grow.

Exercise Regularly and Avoid Stress

Exercising more often increases your blood flow in the body, which also increases blood flow to your scalp. Do not use many chemicals after washing your hair. Put a soft cap to cover your hair especially, when going to bed. Massage your scalp gently because it will also increase your blood flow. Stress is one of the major causes of hair loss and slow growth. Avoid stress at all costs, and try to relax even if you are facing a severe condition. Try to relax when stressed. Take a walk to get fresh air or talk to a friend. When you reduce and avoid stress, your hair will respond by growing longer.

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Let Your Hair Rest in Peace

You should put in mind that before your hair grows long enough to fall on your shoulders it has taken you at least two years. Therefore, you should at least shave it after two years because by the time your hair is two years old it has withstood so many harsh environments and all weather elements. Just as we put dead people to rest in peace, your dead hair also needs to rest in peace. Shaving your hair gives it a new beginning and you will realize that your hair will start growing longer than the way it was before.

Take Hair-Growing Supplements

You will attain much improvement by taking the right diet, reducing stress and sleeping long enough. You will realize that your hair has improved in growth. You can decide whether to buy supplements over the counter or you can decide to make your own supplements at home. These supplements are rich in vitamins that help in the growth of your hair. They also contain nutrients, which boosts your hair growth. We hope that you have found these tips on how to make your hair grow longer helpful.

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