Scalp Massage For Long Healthy Hair. Myth Or Not?

There has been a lot of buzz in magazines and on the internet on how scalp massages promote hair growth. At some point you have got to question the truth behind this theory. Does scalp massaging help hair to grow? The answer to this is yes. Hair experts claim that regular scalp massages will increase your chances at voluminous hair growth. The science behind this theory is that, when you massage your hair, you are stimulating your scalp hence increasing blood flow to your head and scalp as well as the production of sebum.

Increase in blood flow allows for nutrients to reach the scalp and hair while increased sebum production results in lubrication of hair, necessary for hair elasticity as well as minimized hair breakage. Having known this, how often should you massage your scalp and what time of the day is best? To obtain the effects of scalp massaging, it is advisable you massage your scalp on a daily basis. In regards to the most opportune time, any time is a good time to massage your scalp.

You can do it in the morning or at night before bed. In fact, one of the perks of scalp massaging is that you can do it anywhere. So, if you are having a slow day at the office feel free to let down your hair and massage your way to healthy tresses.

Methods used in scalp massaging

The checkmark method

checkmark in scalp massaging

This is the most common and simple method of scalp massaging. It involves massaging of the scalp using your fingers. This can be done to dry hair, by using oil or during a shower with conditioner. The best option however is to use a lubricant so as to avoid unnecessary friction that might result in hair breakage.

Steps for massaging hair using the checkmark method

  1. Try to relax, if possible get seated and close your eyes to enhance your relaxation.  The same principles of getting a body or foot massage apply, which is essentially relaxation.
  2. Oil your fingertips, scalp and hair. It is advisable to use natural oil for this process.
  3. Place your both hands on your forehead with your fingertips meeting at the center of your forehead with your thumbs at the temple for support.
  4. Starting with the thumbs at your temple, apply pressure gently but firmly from your temple, through your forehead as you make your way to the back of your head.
  5. Massage your scalp in circular motions moving from the front of your head to the back ensuring that you cover your whole head.
  6. Repeat this through the whole head at least twice to obtain maximum benefits.

Use of a scalp massager

Use of scalp massager

The sensation provided by a scalp massager comes second to none. It does a far better job compared to use of fingers and it’s quite easy to use.  I may be rambling on about something you do not have a clue of. What is a scalp massager? Well, this is a palm held tool with small rubber protruding used to massage the scalp. It is important to avoid scalp massagers made of material that might damage or injure the scalp such as metal or plastic.

How to use the scalp massager

  • After cleaning and oiling hair, begin massaging your scalp at the nape of your neck in circular motions heading towards the forehead.
  • Slowly squeeze and the massager to your scalp and release in small circular motions ensuring you cover every inch of your head.
  • Repeat three times to ensure you maximum blood flow is attained. You should feel a slight tingling sensation afterwards showing that proper circulation is achieved.
  • People with long hair should take care so as to avoid tangling. A simple press and lift technique can be used for those with long hair.
  • Clean your scalp massager to avoid buildup transfer to your hair in your next session.

The oil massage method

As the word suggests, this involves massaging the scalp using oil as your base. You can use either your fingers or a scalp massager for this. A good oil that promotes hair growth such as coconut oil or castor oil is preferred. It is also advisable to us natural oils which can be lased with a few drops of essential oils since they are used to target scalp related issues and they absorb easy.

Steps in oil massage method

  1. Warm up a bowl of your favorite natural oil. You can use a cocktail of oils, in fact the more oils the better as different oils serve different purposes.
  2. Apply the oil to your scalp in sections similar to how you oil your scalp on the normal occasion.
  3. Apply the remaining oil to your hair and comb it.
  4. Using fingers or a scalp massager, massage the oil through your scalp for a couple of repetitions.

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Tips/ recommendations

  • No matter the method you use, it is always advisable to use a lubricant in the process of massaging your hair. A good thick conditioner or some oil can do the trick.
  • As tiresome as may be, try and massage your scalp on a daily basis. It may be too much work but the benefits will be worth it.
  • Scalp massage can benefit individuals with baldness issues and alopecia by massaging treatment creams or even natural oils. Castor oil has been said to provide the best results in this case.
  • Proper massaging techniques should be used to avoid tangling your hair which may lead to hair breakage.
  • The benefits of religious daily massages should be seen within three months of massaging. Patience is therefore key in this process.


Like it or not, scalp massaging is a vital process in attaining healthy long hair. Massaging allows proper blood circulation throughout the scalp while increasing sebum production. Although this process is beneficial, rushed and careless massaging may lead to tangling. Remember, everything good comes to those who wait. Be a little patient with this process you may be surprised by your hair!

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