Why men prefer women with long hair

It’s not you, it’s me; I just prefer long hair. Men finally explain why.

Men are more attracted to women with long hair opposed to short. Yes, it’s the truth. Well, to be fair, this is the truth to most men. Before you start booing and yelling feminism, give me a chance to explain. More often than not, you have seen girls with longer hair being asked out or rather referred to as hot by guys over those with short hair. In fact, it is not a wonder to find women buying hair extensions and weaves just so they can attain that extra inch. Nothing about getting weaves or extensions is wrong but you have got to wonder, what is all this fuss about long hair? I mean, what is it about long hair on a woman’s head that makes more than half the population of men tick? Well, I like you, got curious. So I got down to some detective work and came up with the main reasons why men prefer long hair to short. You better brace yourself because some answers to this question are downright freaky!

Keeping the tradition going

Since the Biblical times, women have been portrayed with long hair. In fact, most women in folktales and Greek mythologies have been painted with the illusion of having long hair. Take a look at Rapunzel, this storybook lass didn’t only have long hair but it was long enough to climb out of a tower! To cut the story short, it is tradition carried down from our ancestors that women should have long hair.  It is therefore safe to say that some men are traditional hence prefer women with longer hair.  So ladies, let’s cut guys some slack, they found it this way!


To most men, long hair is a symbol of the feminine nature of women. It is one of those things that according to most guys, sets women apart from men. While it may seem biased to determine a woman’s femininity by her hair length, (I mean, what happened to looking for curves?) at the end of the day, it all boils down to personal opinion. It’s just one of those things guys can’t explain. Like women in heels, or in dresses or even a nice set of bosoms. Can you remember the last time guys disagreed on boobs? Neither can I. The same goes for hair, it brings out a woman’s femininity according to guys. Why? Nobody knows, it just does!

Determination of age and health

Hair length and quality can be a factor in determining a woman’s health and age. It is noted that with good health thrives good healthy hair. In this case, a healthy woman will have long lustrous locks. This is not to say that women with short hair are not healthy. On the contrary, you can have short hair and it will still be healthy, for example cutting long hair for style. The bottom line is, healthy hair often grows longer faster hence it is no wonder health is associated with long hair. As for age, women’s hair tends to shed and turn grey with age. It is more common to find elderly women with short hair hence age is a factor determined by hair length.

The stern demeanor

Unfortunately, women with short hair have been branded with titles such as too serious, stone faced or stern among others. Many men associate women with short hair with serious careers that give no room for hurdles of long hair.  It is also observed that short hair paired with a strong jaw line give the impression of a no nonsense kind of woman. The kind that will throw your ego to the ground and stomp all over it like a nauseating bug! While all this may be a huge misconception, it translates to “unapproachable” in the minds of most guys.

Guys think you’re gay!

Please, don’t kill the messenger! I am just but an innocent mouthpiece to society. That said, believe it or not, many women have been assumed to be lesbians by guys thanks to having short hair. I for one have no qualms with being gay. As a matter of fact, I have my fair share of gay friends. It would however be a huge shame to miss out on dating hot Brad from accounting just because he thinks I don’t play for his team. Wouldn’t it?

Something to grab on!

We have all heard of this one before ladies. Sometime it is phrased as “something to play with.” Again, this falls under personal opinion. While I find the idea of playing or grabbing my hair a bit annoying and too freaky for my taste, some guys and girls included go crazy over it. I personally think this is the most absurd reason of them all, but who am I to judge? Whatever floats your boats gentlemen!


  • Always consult with your spouse before cutting or making big changes to your hair to avoid disappointment.
  • Disregard society’s idea of beauty and do what makes you happy.
  • Hair extensions are a good way of increasing length while waiting for hair to grow.
  • The best advice is to be comfortable in your skin or hair for this matter. Sometimes we cannot change the situation hence we learn to live with it.
  • It’s the 21st century, anything goes! People have become more liberal so short hair or long or even bald nobody cares, just be confident!
  • You can add curls to short hair to give it a feminine touch.


Most men are attracted to women with long hair, mostly because it brings out their feminine side and other reasons some of which are weird to say the least. It should however be noted that this is the opinion of some men. Not all men are into women with long hair. In fact, there are men who specifically like women with short tresses as opposed to long. What I’m trying to say is, as long as you are happy with yourself, long or short hair does not matter. When all is said and done, it call comes down to a matter of personal opinion and wouldn’t it be a big shame to live according to someone else’s opinion?

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