The Best Cheap Hair Straightener Works as Well as the Expensive Models

Hair straighteners come in a wide variety of price points. There are models that cost well over $100 and others that are priced below $40. Ironically, the lower priced models have many of the same features as the high-priced hair straighteners.

Many of the low-cost hair straighteners have ceramic plates, negative ionic technology, and adjustable heat settings. They also come in small sizes so they are easy to pack for trips. Many of them include safety features like automatic shutoff, too. The best cheap hair straightener models are great options that should not be overlooked.

Low cost hair straighteners are made by recognizable names like Remington and MHD. They are well-made with solid housings and plates that do not snag hair. They also have plates that are designed to provide even heat to prevent frizzy hair and split ends.

There are also models that work well with wet or dry hair. Several models are designed to work with all types of hair, from the thickest and kinkiest hair to the finest hair that is difficult to curl. They heat up quickly and they straighten hair sections with one quick pass.

These are three of the best inexpensive flat iron models on the market today:

The Best Cheap Hair Straightener Options

MHD Professional Flat Iron – Negative Ionic Technology
MHD Professional Flat Iron

The MHD Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener uses negative ionic technology to safely straighten hair. The flat iron comes with two salon clips to help you section off your hair prior to straightening it. This flat iron includes a 3D floating plate that allows the hair to smoothly pass through without snagging. The floating plate is designed so it moves with the hair, rather than against it.

This flat iron also has three heat settings: 248F/356F/446F(120C/180C/230C). Each temperature is designed for different textures and types of hair. For safety purposes, the flat iron has a 30 minute automatic shutoff .

The MHD Flat Iron emits negative ions to keep static electricity from building up in hair. Add to the ionic energy by using the MHD negative ionic spray hair product designed to be used with this flat iron. The handle locks, making the flat iron safe to store.

And, the power cord swivels so you never have to worry about your hair getting tangled in it. MHD also offers a one-year replacement and a two-year warranty on this low-cost flat iron. It is for sale online for under $30. The flat iron weighs 12.8 ounces and measures 13 x 2.2 x 3.9 inches. It is a great product that exceeds expectations.

Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro – Ceramic Flat Iron
Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro

The Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron is another one of the best inexpensive flat irons on the market today. This small flat iron has one-inch plates that are made of ceramics infused with actual pearls. This combination promises even heat that reaches 450F in 30 seconds. The adjustable temperature control is digital with a locking mechanism that will stop the heat exactly where you want it.

To make the flat iron even more impressive, it has a turbo heat setting for those moments when you are in a hurry. The floating ceramic plates are designed to flow smoothly with the hair rather than snag it. This model also includes a 60-minute automatic shut off for safety purposes.

The Remington Pearl Pro proudly comes with a three-year warranty from Remington. This shows how well made the flat iron is – even at a price point under $40. It can be purchased online and in beauty supply stores as well as in big box stores.

This flat iron weighs 1.1 pounds and measures 2 x 4.9 x 13.6 inches.  With just one pass through each section of hair, you can enjoy beautiful smooth and glossy hair with this salon quality flat iron that sells at an affordable price.

Remington S7231 – Wet to Straight Straightener
Remington S7231

Another excellent affordable hair straightener is the Remington S7231 Wet to Straight Straightener. This model has two-inch plates that will straighten wet and dry hair with ease. It reaches temperatures up to 420F, but it also has 30 different heat settings for all types and textures of hair.

You can straighten you hair or use this model to add volume. The plates are made of professional-quality ceramics to provide even heat. It also includes steam vents to dry wet hair as it straightens. The flat iron has settings for wet and dry hair with indicator lights. When the green light is on, the flat iron is ready for wet hair. The dry hair indicator is amber colors.

You can save time getting ready with the Remington’s Wet 2 Waves 2-inch Hair Waver because you can skip the blow drying step each day. The ceramic and titanium plates protect the hair from frizz and split ends, too. The model includes a swivel cord. Even though this flat iron works on wet hair, you will never hear the crackle that often comes with drying wet hair in a flat iron. After a few passes, your hair will look like you stepped out of the salon.

This hair straightener weighs a bit more than other models at 1.6 pounds, but it does have two-inch plates. It measures 3.5 x 4.9 x 13.2 inches. This flat iron also is priced under $40.

In Conclusion

Quality flat irons do not have to cost over $100. These three flat irons do just as good a job as the pricy models that are only available in beauty supply stores. You can get salon quality styling from any of the best cheap hair straightener models as easily as you can from the expensive ones. The cheap flat irons also come with just as many safety features and adjustable temperature options, too. In some cases, they come with even more features, despite the huge price differences. Save your money and choose a cheap hair straightener.

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