Popular Hair styles For Curling Long Hair

Tired of the same hairdo? Try these simple 20 minutes hairstyles. You’ll love it!

You have been wearing the same hair style since you started using your curling iron. People at the office are probably referring to you as Nancy with the bangs! Why not zhoosh up your hair with a new glamorous style? Before you grab that curling iron and get down to business, there are a few things you need to put in mind.

The first and most important rule of correctly rocking a new hair style is to ensure your face structure matches your hair. It is quite disappointing to see a beautiful hair styles, well executed but on the wrong head. Makes you feel like you could just yank that hair straight off that person’s head!

So, before trying these amazing new styles take into consideration if you have the right face structure for it and if not, decide on how you will part your hair to ensure you don’t recover from Nancy with the bangs and go straight to Nancy with the big forehead. That being said, it is important to keep in mind that a good hairstyle should be quick to execute and should be able to hide your tiny flaws such as a big forehead or a huge jaw line.

We all have those, how we incorporate our flaws with a new style determines how good we look in it. Having that in mind, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone by trying these new and simple hairstyles. Have fun ladies!

Popular Hair styles

The curly bob

You have seen the bob, you know, that hairstyle all dangerous female spies like to wear in movies. Short to the length of your jawline sometimes even shorter. Dangerous, maybe with some bangs? Now picture that with some curls in it. This instantly transforms your look from serious to bubbly and cute.

The curly bob hair styles

Obviously this is for those with short hair, but if you are looking to be a little adventurous be sure to cut at the right height depending on your face. You can set tight small curls or deep lose ones and you will still execute this style with poise. The curly bob tends to favor those with oval or long faces. But if you have an oblong face, you can still wear this by parting your hair to the side. And here you were thinking short hair cannot be fun hmm!

Side swept curls

This is probably the simplest style you can pull off using a curling iron and the best part of it is that it works for all face shapes. It’s as simple as parting your hair completely to one side and curling it in that direction. The size of the curls does not matter you can go big or small.

Side swept curls hair style

If you have long hair, a clip at the side will give you a cute girly look. Be sure to pair this with a cute dress to complete your new girly look.

The vintage waves

I personally find this style breath taking. I reminds me of ocean waves and gives me the feeling of an expensive ballroom party. Not getting the picture yet? Take a look at half the celebs on the red carpet, I bet you they are rocking this and looking like a billion dollars while at it.

The vintage waves

Unfortunately, this timeless classic style is only for those with long tresses. It involves setting large lose curls that fall along the hair like a graceful waterfall. If you accidentally get tight curls, you can comb through them with a wide comb to obtain intended effect. This is perfect for oval faces especially parted in the middle. Although you can wear this in any occasion, I would save this for that elegant gown party I got invited to.

Curls with bangs

Not ready to let go of your bangs? Well, I have just the solution to give you a different look. Curls with bangs as the word suggests incorporates both curls and your bangs. It can work for short hair to get that romantic French lady effect or long hair for a more city girl look.

Curls with bangs

This style is best for people with oval and heart shaped faces. It is as easy as curling out the rest of the hair except for the bangs.

Braids and curls

Picture incorporating braids and curls to your hair. Hello Texas! This style can be manipulated in very many ways but my favorite is the side braid. Just plait one or two side braids after parting your hair to the side. Kind of like the side swept curls only with a braid at the side instead of a clip.

Braids and curls

It works for all face structures as well as both short and long hair. It is best for fun casual activities.

The romantic bun

Just reading that out loud makes me want to try it. This style is a little complex compared to others but it will definitely give you a breath taking gorgeous look. The Romantic bun is executed by curling the entire hair into large loose curls then holding it into a side bun.

The romantic bun

It is mostly common to brides in weddings. Just reading that out loud makes me want to try it. This style is a little complex compared to others but it will definitely give you a breath taking gorgeous look. The Romantic bun is executed by curling the entire hair into large loose curls then holding it into a side bun. It is mostly common to brides in weddings. Cinderella immediately poped up at the mention of this style. Unfortunately, you have to have long hair to pull this one off. Other than that, it works for all faces and you can sweep guys off their feet by letting lose a few strands at the sides. If you are not planning on getting married soon, be sure to wear a dress with this hair anything else should be a crime.

Tips / recommendations

  • Be sure to use heat protection as you explore your new hairstyles. It would be a waste to look fabulous only for a day.
  • Pair the hairstyles with the right clothing and you will definitely get heads turning.
  • Experiment with different styles for different occasions.
  • Make sure you have fun!


You are now armed with the most popular hair styles for all occasions. What are you waiting for? Go out there and get heads turning. More importantly, remember to have fun and look classy doing it.

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