The Secret To Dark Brown Hair With Highlights

I wanted to create this article for all the women who may have dark brown hair and want to find a way to still have highlights in their hair. 

With this Technicolor  tutorial, you no longer need months of dying your hair in different shades and praying those highlights will stick!

Dark Brown Hair With Highlights:

There are a few things that you need to do to achieve dark brown hair with highlights. You will need to understand the science behind hair coloring, and you will also need to have a good understanding of what tones look best on your skin tone. 

Dark Brown Hair

When it comes time to get your hair done, ensure you see a well-versed professional in highlighting techniques. The following tips will help you get started on achieving the desired results:

Consulting with a professional:

To achieve the darkest possible color, start by consulting with a professional about the color treatment best for your skin tone. This can include things like Balayage or Ombre highlights.

Consulting professional

Once you have decided upon a color treatment, book an appointment with your stylist and let them know which parts of your hair you would like highlighted.

Test your different highlights techniques:

Hair coloring can be tricky because every person’s hair is different. That means that one highlight technique may work better on one person than it might work on another. It is essential to give your stylist plenty of time to test out different highlighting techniques before your appointment so that they can find the right one for your specific hair type and facial features.

High-quality hair products:

To get the most pronounced highlights, it is essential to use high-quality hair products and products that are specifically designed for highlighting hair. A good rule of thumb when selecting a highlighted product is to opt for something with more than two percent hydrogen peroxide. 

hair products

How Much Does A Dark Brown Hair With Highlights Cost?

Every person has a unique look, which is why hair color, style, and highlights can be so important. Whether you’re looking for something completely new or just tweaking an existing look, here are some tips on how much highlights cost. Hair dye can range from around $15-30 per box (depending on the brand and product), which includes enough products for roughly 4-6 applications. For darker hair colors, you may need to apply the dye more than once to achieve the desired results – typically, three treatments will be necessary. 

Typically, hair stylists will charge anywhere from $60-120 per hour, depending on the complexity of the service and qualifications of the stylist. 

This price range also includes a shampoo, scalp massage, blow dry and styled product. For lighter highlighted hairstyles (particularly within the blond category), it usually only takes around two hours for the treatment to be completed – but this price dramatically depends on the level of highlighting involved.

 For instance, someone with light copper highlights would cost approximately $170, whereas someone with blonde highlights would only be charged around $60 per hour. 

Remember that these prices are just a general guideline – each individual’s hair color and style will vary significantly, so prices may also differ depending on your location or specific budget. 

A light highlight or shade costs between $50 and $100 per application.

Here are some tips for getting dark brown hair with highlights:

1. Use a light-colored shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair light before coloring. This will make the dye easier to absorb.

2. Choose a quality dye designed explicitly for human blondes and brunettes. Dark hair can also be colored with regular hair dyes, but these will not result in the same results as using a color specific to dark hair.

3. Make sure to seal the dye in your hair using a heat-protectant spray or serum before bed. This will help reduce damage caused by sweat and heat during the day.

4. Be patient while waiting for your highlighted hair to become darker – it may take several weeks, depending on how many colors you need to be done.

5. Don’t over-dye your hair; stick to one application of color per section of your head unless you have very well-lit hair that will only require one application of paint overall.

What are the Causes of Light Blonde to Light Brown Hair With Highlights?

There are a few reasons someone might have light blonde hair with more natural highlights rather than tonal highlights. 

The most common reason is due to a beauty treatment called bleaching. Bleaching lightens hair by removing the color from the hair shaft. This can be done with peroxide, bleach, or a home dye kit.

If naturally lighter strands are bleached out while darker strands remain intact, this can cause blond blonde hair with more natural highlights. 

Additionally, if you’ve had Highlights or color-treated your hair in the past and any residuals remain in your hair follicles, that can lead to light blonde strands with more natural highlights.

Why should I color my hair?

The expert, Wendy, believes everyone should experiment with hair color. “There’s no shame in trying something new and changing your look for a day,” she says. You might be surprised at how long your highlights will last if you choose the right color and take good care of your locks. 

Here are three reasons why you should color your hair: 

1. It Can Enhance Your Personality:

 Coloring your hair can add fun and flavor to your personality. Who doesn’t love feeling unique and fabulous? Why not be the life of the party this weekend by dyeing your hair a bright shade? 

2. It Can Alter Your Look:

If you’re tired of always looking the same, coloring your hair is a great way to change your appearance every so often.

 With different colors, hairstyles, and other accessories (like hats!), you’ll have endless opportunities to accessorize and emphasize additional features of your face or body! 

3. It Can Save Your Hair:

Highlights are a temporary solution to damaged or frizzy hair, but they can also help protect against future damage. If you color your hair regularly, it will be less likely to suffer from split ends or other problems down the road!

Techniques and Products for Getting a Dark Brown Hair with Highlights:

If you want dark brown hair with highlights, a few techniques and products work well. The first step is to find the right color palette. You can go for warm tones like copper or bronze or cool tones like silver or gray.

 Then, choose highlights that complement your base color. For dark brown hair with highlights, highlights should be similar in tone to the tonal locks on either side of your natural hair color. 

If you have lighter strands on the left side of your head and darker strands on the right side, highlight those darker strands to create contrast. 

Another way to get dark brown hair with Highlights is to start with a base color closer to your natural hair color and add layers of light Brown Highlights until you get the desired shade. 

This will give you control over how much darkness comes through in your Highlights. 

Finally, always use a good dye job when coloring your hair; this will help keep your colors lasting longer and look their best.


How do you keep highlights in the dark hair?

It can be challenging to keep highlights in it looking bright and shiny if you have dark hair. Here are a few tips to help: First, make sure your hair is well-conditioned.

 This will help keep the hair from being too dry or damaged, which can lead to dulling the highlights.

Second, use a lightening cream that contains titanium dioxide or another highlighting agent. 

Finally, ensure to take care when washing and conditioning your hair – don’t subject the highlights too harsh chemicals or water conditions.

Do brunettes look good with highlights?

Many people think brunettes look good with highlights, but this is only sometimes true. There are many different types of brunettes, each with a look that can be enhanced with highlights. 

For example, a light brunette may look best with subtle highlights, and a dark brunette may benefit from dramatic highlights. It all depends on the individual’s hair color and overall style.

What not to do when you get highlights?

When you get your highlights done, there are a few things you should avoid so that your hair doesn’t look too processed.

 First and foremost, never use heat on your highlight area. This will cause your hair to feel dry, brittle, and straw-like. 

Second, don’t over-dye your hair. If the highlights turn out too bright or unnatural, you can always touch them up later. 

And finally, don’t over-shampoo your highlights .this will strip away the natural oils that protect them and make them look more brassy than platinum blonde.

How do you highlight dark brown hair without bleach?

One way to highlight dark brown hair without bleach is by using toner. You can buy a toner specifically designed for dark hair or mix white wine vinegar with water and spray this mixture on your hair. 

Be careful not to over-spray your hair, as the vinegar could cause damage.

What are the disadvantages of hair highlights?

Hair highlights can be a beautiful addition to your hair, but there are a few potential disadvantages to consider. 

First and foremost, hair highlights can damage your hair if not done correctly. 

Over-processing your hair with intense lightening or coloring techniques can leave it brittle and prone to breakage, not to mention looking awful. 

Additionally, hair highlighted at an extremely young age may suffer from continued damage as a natural pigment in your hair is lost over time. 

Finally, if you have particularly dry or curly hair, highlights will only make it worse. If you’re considering Highlights for your locks, discuss these potential drawbacks with your trusted beauty professional first!

How long should you wait to wash your hair after highlights?

After getting your hair done at the salon, you may wonder how long you should wait to wash it. There is no set time for how long you need to wait before washing your hair after highlights. 

However, experts generally advise waiting anywhere from two to four days. This is based on the theory that the new color will remain in your hair for that period before starting to fade. 

In addition, always use diluted shampoo and water when washing your hair after highlights because this will help keep any excess color down.


Dark brown hair can be a beautiful hue, but it takes a little effort and know-how to style it correctly. To achieve the perfect look, start by choosing an appropriate color for your skin tone. 

Next, use light-brown or gray shades in your hair to give it depth and dimension. And last but not least, add highlights to create that sultry-looking color you’ve longed for. 

If you want to learn more about styling dark brown hair properly, read our tips. If you want more info about any hair color, please visit our website.

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