Can fleas live in human hair?

fleas live

Fleas can live in human hair if these hairs are coated with a substance that is attractive to the flea. This substance is called sebum, and it is produced by the sebaceous gland on the scalp. Sebaceous glands secrete a variety of substances that act as natural repellents. These include oils, sweat, and sebum. Fleas … Read more

Unlimited Silver Hair Dye Styles In 2023

metallic silver hair dye

Have you always dreamed of having silver hair but didn’t know how to achieve such a daring look? Well, now you can with this in-depth article that profiles different silver dye brands and explains what specific dye colors are best for your hair’s needs. Perfect Option: If you’re looking for a way to add some … Read more

Olaplex Hair Rescue Kit | A Perfect Hair Gift To Get Back Your Hair Shine.

Olaplex Hair Rescue

A New Item That Can Make Your Hair Grow: It’s approximated that there are more than 100,000 items offered in the United Specifies for loss of hair. And those are simply items from the leading 10 businesses. It can be difficult to discover an item that helps you because of this high variety of choices … Read more

Is Pantene Shampoo Bad For Hair? Review & Buying Guide 2022

Is Pantene Bad For Hair

Pantene has become a popular shampoo brand, and many women are worried about the effects it has on their hair. However, Pantene is not necessarily bad for hair or your scalp – there is a lot of misinformation out there! This blog article is going to break down what you should know before you begin … Read more