How I make bleach hair soft and silky || Review 2022

Hair bleaching is a type of chemical hair colour that removes the colour from your tresses. An alkaline chemical is used to open the hair cuticle before bleaching.

The oxidizing agent then reaches the hair layer and destroys the natural melanin (which gives your hair its natural colour).

Your hair will get lighter in colour the longer you keep this chemical in your hair. Based on your original hair tone, your hair can bleach to a yellow or red tone before eventually lightening to golden blonde.

Because bleaching decreases the thickness and elasticity of the hair, it might damage your hair to feel less silky.

When your hairline is more porous, it implies that now the hair layer is far more open, so if left untreated, it will keep opening, split, and finally break off.

Another kind of damage is when lightening chemicals reach the hair roots and decompose natural fats and oils, resulting in weakened hair strands.

Did you notice we offer a whole collection dedicated to healing bleached, damaged, and overworked hair? Ladies and gents, we have a lot of suggestions for you:

1. Hair Oil:

Hydrating hair oil

Hydrating hair oil can be used as a pre- to post-treatment to moisturise and prevent roughed-up cells from the purification process.

Julia stresses the significance of this: “Using a hair oil during shampooing can help to keep moisture in your hair. Also, your hair with oil before washing can help establish a buffer between your hair and the shampoo, preventing your hair from being stripped.

When you’re out of the water, apply oil to seal in the moisture. Oil forms a barrier that prevents moisture from escaping.

Bleached hair requires all the assistance it could get. The very first three weeks afterwards bleaching are critical, therefore apply that oil each day to replace the natural oil layer that has been lost.”

2. Skip the heat styling:

If you are using warm devices on bleached hair, you are exposing dry, vulnerable strands to much more damage. Allowing your hair such ad air-dry is the very best way to go, but if you definitely need to blow-dry your hair or use various other warm devices for designing, using a protecting blowdry guide for hair before you do is a must.

3. Stylist for a hair loss therapy:

Your hairstylist will usually follow your initial bleaching session along with a hair glossing therapy to secure and protect your color, in addition, to including tons of shine.

A hair glossing  works by smoothing out harsh follicles and filling out any holes under the hair layer If your hairs are looking dry and lifeless,   you need gloss therapy can bring your color back to refresh

4. Use a keratin sealer:


Keratin is a hair healthy protein that secures the follicles, leading to shinier. Keratin also strengthens the hair fibres preventing split finishes. If you have hair damage from moving blonde, begin regularly using a keratin sealer.

5. Davines keratin hair sealer:

Lifestyle Tips for a new life for  Your Hair After Whitening, You can also include hydration  to move back into your hair by producing a  simple lifestyle modifies:

6. Drink more fresh water:

The solution to most beauty troubles is usually to drink more sprinkles. Ensure you are drinking enough sprinkle to moisturize your full body from the inside out.

So how much fluid does the average, healthy and balanced adult residing in a warm environment need?

Experts say that adequate daily sprinkle consumption has to do with 15.5 glasses for guys and about 11.5 glasses for ladies.

7. Change your diet:

What you consume straight affects the health and wellness of your hair treatment. For healthy and balanced, hydrated hairs, absolutely nothing defeats salmon in the beauty division.

It is filled with omega-3 fatty acids, healthy protein, vitamin B12, and iron, to nurture your scalp and make those hairs shine. Blueberries and kale are also musts for healthy and balanced hair, thank you for the anti-oxidants and vitamin B7.

8. Use cool and freshwater when you wash your hair:

Warm water can strip the moisture from your hair, so maintain it warm when you wash. Finish with a blast of cool sprinkle when washing out you are washing conditioner.

This secures your hair’s follicles and the pores in the scalp, securing moisture, and adding an increased shine.

9. Protect your hairs from the sunlight:

Much like each part of your full body, your hair needs protection from the heat effective (and drying) rays.

Wear a hat if you plan to spend time in the sunlight and look for hair items which contain SPF to protect your hair and scalp from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

10. Protect hair from chlorine:

Once the bleach has compromised the integrity of your hairs, the chlorine will only compromise them further with each dip to take. Chlorine can also give bleached hair a green hue.

Wash your hair with a cool sprinkle right before your get on the pool or other chlorinated cool water source. Wash your hair once again straight after spending time in the chlorinated coll water.

11. Completely dry hair shampoo for improvement:

dry hair shampoo

In some cases, we don’t obtain sufficient time to clean and use hair shampoo on our hair because of our rush. Because situation, you can use completely dry hair shampoo which takes in the dry skin and dirt from the hair for a while.

Using a completely dry hair shampoo is alright for uncertain use however it ought to not be utilized routinely. I believe items such as this completely dry hair shampoo are very easy to utilize.

If you’re pleased with it after that use it maintaining 6 inches range from the origin. After the spray, brush your hair to ensure that the completely dry hair shampoo might be dispersed completely.

12. Get regular trims:

You can maintain those hairs in an inspection by cutting off the damage, the much less likely they are to become dry and brittle. Routine trims maintain your hair healthy and balanced and strong.

13. Brush hair with a wide brush tooth:

During brushing hair, you should inspect whether your brush is wide or otherwise. You understand a bit of pressure might harm the bleached hair.

You should attempt to brush your hair with a wide-tooth comb. Routine brushing of hair is required to guarantee blood flow into the root of your hair.

The optimal time our root remains in rest and it doesn’t obtain sufficient blood flow. If we brush our hair two times or three times a day, our root obtains sufficient blood flow.

14. Use a slim cushion:

Currently comes the concern of using a cushion. Attempt to use constantly a soft and slim cushion. You have no idea how your hair obtains a setting at bedtime.

A cushion doesn’t work to create your bleached hair adorably and gorgeous however truly functions a great deal in setting your hair in the evening.

You understand great rest is likewise a great tool to always keep hair slim and soft. When you obtain an evening of great rest, your hair problem might be risk-free.

Frequently asked questions

Why does my hair seem like straw after bleaching

An absence of moisture is what creat to hair that is terrible straw-like regularly or causes it to snap off when it reaches a specific size. However, you need healthy protein for the moisture to lock on, which is why it is important to break on with your special diet first.

What is a good conditioner for bleached hair?

  • Davines  Conditioner. 2 of 5
  • Pureology Moisturize
  • L’Oreal Elvive Total Repair
  • Shea Moisture Strengthen and Restore
  • Olaplex No. 5 Bond Rebuilding Problem

Does coconut oil help bleached hair?

Yes, coconut oil benefits bleached and blonde hair.

How often should you use coconut oil for bleached hair?

You can use coconut oil for damaged and bleached hair once weekly to assist repair to your  hairs and restore their radiance.

How can I make my hair soft and smooth after bleaching it?

A lack of wetness is what your hair makes that terrible straw-like regularly or triggers it to break off when it reaches a specific size.

However,  you require healthy protein for the wetness to lock on, which is why it is essential to break on with your hair.

Why does bleached hair take much longer to dry?

After bleach, the hair is most likely to be so dry and weak. It could even feel gummy, and waxy like mine, when damp and after the bathing it can take longer compared to usual for the hair to dry.

This is because your hair such as the shaft was torn open up and it is keeping all water.


Hair bleached is common nowadays and hair problem is also common for hair so if you are worried about bleached hair problems then please read this post carefully.

And if you want to take more information about any type of problem with the hair please visit our website.

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